Yelp Review- Luke Jacobsma

Yelp Review- Luke Jacobsma
5.0 star rating


Michelle knocked it out of the park with this short sale!
I wanted to move from Santa Monica to Huntington Beach, so I contacted Michelle to help find properties since she knows OC so well. Within days she had sent over a dozen links to properties matching my exact needs. I made a list of my top 7 properties and she arranged to view them all on the same day. My parents came down from central coast to see all the properties, and the first condo we viewed was actually the one I made an offer on. I didn’t need to see anymore properties the first one she showed me had it all. Then I found out it was a short sale , which instantly gave me doubts. I have heard all the short sale horror stories, however, Michelle took the lead made things happen on the daily to make sure my offer was accepted. She scheduled a home inspection, had all documents in Email form so I could sign them anytime and answered any questions I had about the short sale or home buying process. She really makes it easy on the buyer and handles everything for you. At one point the sellers were dragging their feet and slowing up the process, but Michelle made it easy for them too and helped them with documents. Its not just about closing the deal for her,  she really cares about her clients and also all the people she works with along the way. You can tell by the way she interacts with each person. Very personable, professional and considerate. I made my offer in late January and moved in early the first week of April. Honestly, I was surprised at how smooth and effortless the short sale went, which was in huge part because of how hands on Michelle was with the process. She made sure everything was done on time and correctly and I couldn’t be happier. I have already referred her to a few friends and they have closed on their properties also. You cant go wrong with Michelle. No one works harder. Happy house hunting

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