Yelp Review- David Kleeman

I have spent 15 years in LA absolutely positive that I would never be able to afford a home; and, if I could, it wouldn’t be something I actually wanted. Happily, Michelle proved me totally wrong.

In finding a home, Michelle did a great job of presenting representative options, within my budget, in the areas that I was interested in living in. This was a brilliant way to help not only her understand what I was looking for, but also me…which really helped to narrow down on those things that I absolutely had to have, those things I just would like to, and those things I could live fine without. Where other friends home-buying experiences took months of looking at everything, this was a much more targeted and focused approach, and got me down to a short list of types of properties and locations within only a couple of weeks!

From the pure paperwork side of things, as a first time buyer, I really knew nothing about the home-buying process, and found it a bit intimidating. Michelle walked me through every step, explained everything in simple terms and was available via text/phone/email any time I got confused or overwhelmed. She was available to “talk me off the ledge” any time the mortgage estimates started to worry me and gave me insights based on her experience on what my true costs should be closer to (which, as it turns out, she was right about!).

Long story short, I’m now in an industrial loft that matches exactly what I was looking for, at a price that I can afford, and would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to my friends!